The Reletex vs. The Relief Bands

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Many of our customers are familiar with the older Relief Bands so popular a couple of years ago. We get a number of questions almost every day regarding the newer Reletex and how it compares to the old Relief Band models as well as concerns about what happened to the original Relief Bands. As a retailer of these products, we don’t always get all the relevant information from the manufacturer, but we can certainly tell you what the Reletex is and why we are selling it.

When the Relief Band models were discontinued by the manufacturer a couple of years ago, we weren’t sure what exactly what happening. There was never a recall of any kind on the Relief Bands, we just found out that we couldn’t order them any longer.  In response, we went looking in the marketplace for an alternative product that would accomplish the same goals as the Relief Band. Any potential replacement for the Relief Band had to be economical, not involve any medications and most critically – it had work! After many fruitless searches and investigations, we could find nothing that fit these criteria. While there is an abundance of products that claim to solve motion sickness without drugs, we could find nothing that worked as effectively as the Relief Band models did. As a result, we offered nothing in the way of a motion sickness remedy for almost a year.

We eventually discovered that the manufacturer, Neurowave Medical, was producing the Reletex and offering it as a drug-free solution for post-operation nausea and post-chemotherapy sickness. At that time, the Reletex was being distributed solely to hospitals and medical professionals to be given to patients with these conditions – there was no retail outlet for the average consumer. We also discovered that the Reletex operated in the same manner as the older Relief Bands with a few notable differences. First, the Reletex had a higher stimulation output than the Relief Band models did which meant a lower setting on the Reletex should produce the same level of relief that a slightly higher setting on the Relief Band would.  Second, since the Reletex is designed for short-term conditions like post-operation nausea, it did not have replaceable batteries.  Lastly, while the FDA has cleared the Reletex, it is considered a class II medical device and therefore requires that a doctor’s prescription accompany any sale of the device.

We considered these differences against that fact that we could find nothing on the market that was as effective as the Relief Band / Reletex for solving motion sickness induced nausea. For the consumer looking for a non-invasive, drug-free way to travel without the miserable feeling of motion sickness there was simply no other effective option. As a registered pharmacy and a retailer with a long standing relationship with the manufacturer as well as a having practicing physician on-site, we had a unique opportunity to offer the Reletex directly to the consumer thus giving the them a viable option to taking pills or using a patch to relieve their motion sickness nausea.

While we don’t know what the future might bring for the Reletex and when or if any revisions will eventually be made, we can say with certainty that the Reletex is currently the best drug-free option for relieving motion sickness on the market today.

If you want to know more about the Reletex or to place an order for one, visit the Reletex product page. As always, you can call us at 1-888-362-7123.

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3 Responses to The Reletex vs. The Relief Bands

  1. Cary Alburn says:

    Too bad the new Reletex comes only as a disposable version. I bought the original Relief Band from you about 5 years ago, and it still provides welcome relief for “Mah Woman” when we have gone yachting in the Northwest (she’ll rarely fly with me, but then, too). It’s a great item, but it really shouldn’t be disposable–that would tend to discourage purchasing it, I would think.


    • Andrew says:

      Cary, Thanks for the feedback. We agree with you that the Reletex should ideally have a replaceable battery. Since the manufacturer is specifically building these for people with short-term conditions in mind (think chemotherapy treatments, etc) they have not released any information about making a Reletex for general nausea that would have replaceable batteries. Even so, we’ve tested other non-medication remedies on the market to solve motion sickness and there is simply nothing that works like the Relief Band or Reletex. By offering the Reletex in it’s current form, the consumer at least as a viable option to taking medications or using a patch.

  2. Patricia Suzanne says:

    In 1963 and 1985 both scopolamine patches, ginger capsules (self-made) and dramamine did not help me survive a boat trip off the California coast and a bus trip through Guatemala. Finally in the late 1990′s I bought a used Relief Band from eBay, and use and lend it to others for help with nausea. Gone are the days of sipping fizzy drinks, laying on the floor of boats and buses. Also gone are the long naps on dramamine when I miss the trip and being able to talk to people.

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