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Nonin 9550 Onyx II
Nonin Onyx II 9550 Nonin Onyx II 9550 in hand Nonin Onyx II 9550 in case Nonin Onyx II 9550 in use

Nonin 9550 Onyx II

The 9550 Onxy II has been superseded by the 9590 Onyx Vantage. The 9590 offers all the same quality as the 9550 Onyx II and includes a 4 year warranty and a new lower price!

Nonin, the world leader in fingertip pulse oximetry, has designed the Onyx II 9550 to be the most durable, most accurate, and most versatile fingertip pulse oximeter on the market today. It is unmatched in quality and is well suited for all types of conditions and environments for spot-checks and short-term oxygen saturation monitoring. No matter if you are a medical professional, first-responder, at home patient, or a mountaineer climbing Everest, the 9550 provides the best in pulse oximetry. The Nonin 9550 builds on the already outstanding performance and reputation of the Onyx 9500 and adds key design upgrades, more efficient battery use, and an industry-leading 4 year warranty.

Product Features

  • Industry-leading warranty: 4 years
  • Built on the same technology as the time-tested Nonin Onyx 9500
  • More efficient battery use: up to 2500 spot checks
  • Design Enhancements: smaller, enclosed (not external) spring, easy battery access
  • Comes with carrying case, lanyard and batteries

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"There are less expensive pulse oximeters out there but NONE are as accurate as the Nonin brand, period. I use the Nonin Pulse Oximeters in my medical practice exclusively and wouldn't even think of using another brand."
--- Dr. Brent Blue

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Unmatched Performance
The world leader in pulse oximetry, Nonin, has invested years of experience into designing and building the Onyx II 9550. The result is an unparalleled product that exceeds all others in accuracy, toughness, and versatility. By building on the already successful reputation of the original Onyx 9500, Nonin developed an all-in-one fingertip pulse oximeter that brings hospital grade performance and reliability within the reach of everyone. Nonin has incorporated enhanced design elements and electronic upgrades over the 9500 to offer a pulse oximeter that can withstand years of abuse and provide accurate readings more efficiently.

Even Easier to Use
The Nonin Onyx II 9550 carries on the same tradition of usability that the 9500 started. Simply place your finger in the sensor and the 9550 will display accurate pulse and oxygen saturation rates within seconds. Remove your finger and the unit turns itself off. The same Pulse Quality Indicator included on the 9500 is also included on the 9550 so you can feel confident of the readings the unit is displaying. The 9550 also boasts an internal spring and built-in gripping inserts which eliminates the maintenance on these items required on the 9500. Also, the battery door has been redesigned to allow tool-less removal of the door during battery replacement. The display has also undergone an upgrade by making the viewing angle wider and increasing the brightness of the LED read-out.

Ideal for a Wide Range of Applications - Including Home Therapy
The rigidity of the 9550's construction along with it's accuracy and lightweight design make this an ideal candidate for tough situations. EMTs, first-responders, and outdoor adventurers will especially appreciate these qualities in the difficult conditions they encounter. These same qualities make the Onyx II 9550 a perfect fit for hospitals and clinics where fast and accurate oxygen saturation and/or pulse rate stats are needed frequently. Patients undergoing at-home therapy will find that the Onyx II 9550 exceeds their expectations and can withstand the abuse encountered in everyday situations also. The cost of the 9550 brings high-quality, hospital grade pulse oximetry within the reach of almost anyone.

The Only Fingertip Oximeters Used by the Military
The reputation of the Nonin Onyx 9500 and Onyx II 9550 pulse oximeters caught the eye of the military. The U.S. Army and U.S. Air Force put these Nonin models through a battery of tests to make sure they could stand up to the rigors of military aviation use. As a result, the Onyx 9500 and 9550 fingertip oximeters from Nonin Medical are the only fingertip oximeters to be given the U.S. Military Airworthiness Certificate and approved for use aboard U.S. military aircraft. For a list of the specific tests the units went through, see the Tech Specs tab above.

Includes Everything You Need
The Nonin 9550 comes pre-packed with all you need to start getting accurate SpO2 readings right out of the box. Each package comes with:

  • Nonin 9550 Onyx II fingertip pulse oximeter
  • Black Custom Carrying Case
  • Black Lanyard cord with lock
  • Two AAA alkaline batteries
  • Instructional Manual
Also available is the Justice Mark II Hard Carrying Case. This case protects your Nonin 9550 from almost anything you can throw at it (or drop on it!).

Looking for a Pulse Oximeter with Alarm and/or Memory?
The Nonin Onyx II 9550 is a great pulse oximeter for almost all situations. However, like the Onyx 9500, the 9550 has no provisions for alarm or memory functions which means the 9550 is not well suited for continuous monitoring or remote management of pulse oximetry data. if you are looking for a pulse oximeter that has alarm and/or memory features, take a look at the Nonin Onyx II 9560 with Bluetooth, the PalmSAT 2500, or the WristOx 3150. In situations where continuous monitoring is not a requirement, such as for many home therapy patients, the 9550 is a top-of-the-line choice for spot-checks and short-term pulse oximetry monitoring. Don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-866-800-0422 if you have any questions regarding our products.

U.S. Military Airworthiness Certifications: Required Testing
In order to gain certification by the U.S. military for aviation use, the Nonin Onyx II 9550 had to pass and maintain performance during all of the following tests:

  • Baseline Performance Assessment
  • Electrical Safety: ensure safety of patients in harsh environments
  • Vibration: must operate during extreme vibration conditions
  • Electromagnetic Interference: assure operation despite interference from radio and radar transmitters
  • Environmental: must operate in extreme hot, cold and humid temperatures
  • Altitude: must operate in non-pressurized environments at high altitudes (up to 40,000 feet)
  • Rapid Decompression: must operate while withstanding immediate decompression to 40,000 feet without damage
  • Explosive Atmosphere: must operate safely in an environment filled with explosive vapors without igniting
  • Flight Testing: in-flight performance test in military aircraft

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions: 2.2"L x 1.3"W x 1.27"H (5.59cm x 3.3cm x 3.23cm)
  • Weight: less than 2oz with batteries installed
  • Warranty: 4 year manufacturer

Technical Specifications

  • Oxygen Saturation Display Range: 0 - 100% SpO2
  • Pulse Rate Display Range: 18 - 321 BPM
  • Oxygen Saturation Accuracy Range: 70 - 100% +/- 2 digits
  • Low Perfusion Oxygen Saturation Accuracy Range: 70 - 100% +/- 2 digits
  • Pulse Rate Accuracy Range: 20 - 250 BPM +/- 3 digits
  • Low Perfusion Pulse Rate Accuracy Range: 40 - 240 BPM +/- 3 digits
  • Measurement Wavelengths and Output Power:*
    • Red: 660 nanometers @ 0.8 mw max average
    • Infared: 910 nanometers @ 1.2 mw max average
  • Battery Life:
    • Continuous: approx 2,500 spot-checks (@ 21 hours of operation and 30 secs per spot-check)
    • Storage: 4 years, minimum

Environmental Specifications

  • Operating Temperature: +32°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C)
  • Storage / Transportation Temperature: -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)
  • Operating Humidity: 10 - 90% non-condensing
  • Storage / Transportation Humidity: 10 - 95% non-condensing
  • Operating Altitude: Up to 40,000 feet (12,192 meters)
  • Hyperbaric Pressure: Up to 4 atmospheres

* This information is especially useful for clinicians performing photodynamic therapy

Classifications per IEC 60601-1 / CSA 601.1 / UL 60601-1:

  • Degree of Protection: Type BF-Applied Part
  • Mode of Operation: Continuous
  • Enclosure Degree of Ingress Protection: IPX2
: *
: *
: *
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